Vytis Nivinskas

Vytis Nivinskas – bassist, composer, at first has studied music privately, later fascinated with jazz he traded studies of philosophy at Vilnius University to double bass studies at Vilnius Conservatory and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA). Emerging on jazz stage in 1994, the bassist has not take long to acquire a solid experience as he played with leading Lithuanian jazz musicians, participated in numerous jazz, rock, classical and contemporary music projects in twenty countries.
After local music studies he continued abroad – for one year at Det Fynske Konservatorium in Odense, Denmark and finally going for master studies at DePaul University in Chicago, USA.
Vytis was one of co-founders of Baltic Asteroids, Saga, Baisios Stygos (Bad Strings) bands, Coltrane Impressions and Strange Doors projects. He has performed with Riot, Giedrė & Jazz Miniatures, Outside In Trio (N. Stowe, D. Bales), Trapeze, Baked Beans, S. Greenspan, B. Brimfield, K. Wollesen, L.”Butch” Morris, D. Naujokaitis, P. Vyšniauskas, V. Chekasin, V. Tarasov, A. Gotesman,  J. Maksimowicz, , L. Mockūnas, R. Paulikas, O. Molokojedov, A. Anusauskas, A. Šlaustas, V. Mikeliūnas, D. Stalmokas, A. Chekasina, Jurga, Milky Lasers, G. Storpirštis and others.
Vytis has also collaborated with different kind of artists including Low Air urban dance theatre, dancer L. Juodkaitė, artist A. Petrulienė, actor/singer B. Bublytė, OKT and Youth theatre actors, directors J. Paulėkaitė, V. Bareikis, D. Gavenonis and more.
Since 2005 Vytis is on the faculties of Vilniaus Kolegija and LMTA.
Since 2007 he is on the board of Lithuanian Jazz Federation.
In 2018 Vytis has started doctoral studies at LMTA.
In fall 2013 Vytis co-founded CinAmono.