About CinAmono


CinAmono new album Duo (2024) came out on 29 February 2024.

CinAmono was founded in Vilnius (Lithuania) during fall 2013 by Laura Budreckytė (voice) and Vytis Nivinskas (double bass) as a duo. Founders of the band invited different musicians to realise their creative ideas varying the line-up from a duo to a quintet. CinAmono has participated in various music, literature, dance and art festivals in its native Lithuania and has performed in Germany, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary. 

CinAmono has recorded three albums: CinAmono (2018/2019), Music is the Ocean (2021), Duo (2024) and released one virtual collection of early recordings Cinamono Collection 2013-2017. The group’s music has been included four times in the Lithuanian Jazz Federation’s Jazz from Lithuania collection and twice in the Lithuanian Music Information Centre’s collection Note Lithuania: Jazz.

CinAmono is a very interesting and professional collective which offers theatrical atmosphere and slightly magic, ceremonial, involving music. At the core of the collective is a family tandem of Laura Budreckytė and Vytis Nivinskas. Good poetry that requires exclusive sonic approach and suggestion often becomes the pivot of their joint creative work. It features vibrant forms, special melodies and broad, easily expanding spaces for improvisation. Since this is a real ensemble of soloists, themes develop into lush, rich monologues and series of conversations, supplement with sounds of encouragement and feelings of awe from the audience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Laima Slepkovaitė

Second CinAmono album Music is the Ocean is out in 2021

New CinAmono album Music is the Ocean (2021)

CinAmono clearly shows a well rehearsed ensemble that knows what they want to achieve as artists working tightly together. Even though the music, rather than being introvert, is very direct in its expressivity, the musicians do not fear longer and challenging forms in the compositions and certain complexity in their arrangements.

Anders Jormin (about first CinAmono album)